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Services Provided

Couples Counseling...
                        When Your Goals Are To........

  • Communicate Effectively 
  • Enjoy Deeper Love and Companionship
  • Become a Collaborative Team 
  • Create an Energetically Positive Alliance 
  • Experience more Romance and Passion
  • Find Harmony

Individual Counseling...
                     When Your Goals Are To......

  • Heal Past Trauma
  • Live Soulfully
  • Experience Deep Energetic Healing
  • Transform A Mood Disorder into a Personal Strength
  • Love and Value Yourself
  • Enjoy Personal Empowerment
  • Remove Blocks to Attain Balance

I work with a wide range of people whose concerns span from a desire for personal fulfillment or relationship enhancement  to a need for therapeutic intervention with challenges such as AD/HD Spectrum, or Severe Mood and Anxiety Disorders.   I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each of my clients' individual  goals.   I am  honored to participate in transformation and healing, whether I am working with an individual; a couple, or a family desiring to understand, support and live in peace and harmony when challenges exist.     

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