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Would you like some extra support as you find your way to Inner Peace,  Personal Growth,  Relational HarmonyHealing from Trauma, or Living Successfully?  

Each of us has different obstacles to overcome on our life journey, whether we are facing a challenging situation or we must take a new direction in life.   Susan Rold is a seasoned therapist who masterfully assists you in obtaining  or sharpening the unique tools you need to attain your goal.   

As an Expert, Susan Rold is known for helping folks get unstuck.    If you "know what to do, but just don't do it" or if you feel like you're "between a rock and a hard place," Susan's keen skills assist you in  more effective navigation on your journey.   

Susan's reputation proceeds her as an intuitive, creative, soulfully enthusiastic guide who mixes compassion with a no-nonsense approach as she assists clients in realizing their potential towards their goals. 

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